Make sure to exfoliate your body before your airbrush session and do NOT put lotion, oils, perfume or deodorant on.

Get your mani’s and pedi’s prior to your airbrush session

Wear loose fitting, dark colored clothing to your airbrush session and after. If possible bring flip flops for after your tan or at least shoes with no socks.

Allow 8-12 hours for the solution to fully develop before taking a shower (unless you do an Express, then allow 3-4 hours to develop). During this time do not apply any product to your skin including make-up, moisturizers, perfume, etc.

Do NOT rub or touch skin, doing so will stain hands!!!!!

When showering use lukewarm water and keep them short, not to exceed 5 minutes. Your first shower is simply to rinse off the cosmetic bronzers. Remember the hotter and longer the shower, the faster your tan will fade.

Avoid using any body washes with alpha hydroxy acid (especially DOVE products). This ingredient will make your tan fade faster and unevenly.

I recommend starting a light exfoliation process right away with a fine and hydrating Sea Salt Scrub. This is to ensure that your tan will fade evenly and maintain a natural appearance while moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

If you have leather seats or sofas, keep a towel between the fabric and your skin after your tan.

Stay away from activities that cause perspiration for at least 24 hours.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize EVERY day after your tan!!